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my morning mixtape

What music moves you in the morning?

Which songs kickstart your day?

My Morning Mixtape is a new show on WLXU 93.9FM airing every Monday through Thursday from 7AM-8AM.  It features our community’s favorite get-up-and-go music during morning drive time.

Try your hand as a volunteer DJ for Lexington Community Radio.

Make your virtual mixtape by filling out this form.

We’ll let you know what date your mixtape will air so you can invite your crew to tune in or listen online.

IMPORTANT: Please keep your mixtape between 45-50 minutes. If you have longer songs and don’t need all the tracks, just fill in ‘N/A’ on the required fields you don’t need.  Also, remember we have to comply with FCC standards, so please, keep it clean.

Thank you for helping us create Lexington Community Radio.

Our Voices. Our Radio.

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