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We got you covered

Lexington Community Radio is prepared with emergency plans to respond to:

  • Severe Weather
    • storms
    • floods
    • tornadoes
    • fire (city & wild)
    • ice storms
    • earthquakes
    • landslides
    • sinkholes
  • Health Threats
    • disease outbreaks
    • human and animal
    • drought
    • dangerous heat
    • dangerous cold
    • air quality
  • Environmental Risks
    • accidents
    • explosions
    • hazardous material spills
    • Service Disruptions
    • transportation (air & ground)
    • water
    • sewer
    • power
    • communications
  • Civil Disturbances
    • public violence
    • kidnappings
    • riots & looting
    • terrorist threats
    • cyber attacks

Local Weather Alerts

Lexington, KY
There are currently no active weather alerts.

Our Commitment to Public Safety

Lexington Community Radio has a special designation from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which calls our station to designate a portion of our programming and air time to ‘public safety’.

We are a Public Safety Radio Station. When Emergencies occur in our community, we are the only radio station in this area licensed to provide up-to-date, relevant information specific to the community we serve.

Preparedness is the best defense for an Emergency. Every hour, we air public service announcements (PSAs) every hour featuring important safety information and notices. Our local, original programming features emergency information and resources from city emergency response personnel including local police and fire departments.

During severe weather and community emergencies, Lexington Community Radio will broadcast vital, real-time information tailored for our listeners.

Our Growing Community

Lexington Community Radio will also broadcast programming relative to zoning, land use and design proposals.   A broader community vision will help Lexington grow and prosper.  An engaged community promotes economic development and new job development while preserving the quality of life that makes our city a desirable place to work and live.  It also helps to protect and enhance existing neighborhoods, our downtown, and our rural cultural landscape that is like no other in the world.

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