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Opportunities for English and Spanish speakers.
Production, admin and more.

¡Lexington Community Radio puede usar tu ayuda!
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Oportunidades para hablantes de inglés y español.
Producción, administración y más.

Because our studios are located in the Lexington STEAM Academy, our on-site volunteers are required to pass a standard Fayette County Public Schools background check:



Podcast Producer- Editing/Archiving/Uploading Podcasts
Assist DJs in archiving their shows to Soundcloud and making them shareable. Depending on the show, this could include basic audio editing such as: editing songs out, correcting the volume in areas, cutting out “dead air,” and putting multiple segments together.

  • 5 completed podcast episodes a week, totaling to 80 completed episodes for the semester.
  • Podcasts should be seamless and DJ errors should be accounted for and edited out.
  • Copyrighted music must be edited so it does not violate copyright policies (10 sec max).
  • All metadata and archiving must comply with LCR archive guidelines

Production Assistant
Assist show hosts by operating the board: control levels of microphones, operate music via CD players/auxiliary cords/turntable, load correct traffic (spots, PSAs, legal IDs, and promos) and play at appropriate times, turn automation on and off at correct times.

  • 2-4 hours of live/pre-recorded production a week
  • Assist DJ with answering calls, loading breaks, and coordinating guests.
  • Intern may also be asked to help with production of promos and/or public service announcements for the DJs they are assisting
  • Intern may be tasked with post-production audio editing tasks (i.e. editing out indecencies to make a song “clean”)

Spot Producer
Write creative, FCC-compliant 15-second underwriting spots, 30-60-second public service announcements, and 15- second show promotions for WLXU and WLXL in English and/or Spanish.  Facilitate recording and audio editing of spots for use on air.

  • 5-10 spots/PSAs/show promos per week
  • All scripts must be timed, FCC-compliant, and in AP style
  • Ability to draft/translate into Spanish a plus
  • For show promotions consult with show hosts and LCR staff to understand the desired branding and role of each show
  • Coordinate recording sessions w/ Voice Talent
  • Edit vocal tracks and background audio into polished completed track for broadcast.

Voice Talent
Standby volunteers available on demand to record underwriting spots, public service announcements, show promotions, and other content.

  • Be on call at regular hours throughout the week.
  • Record content in-studio or remotely using personal equipment.
  • Excellent diction and pacing–broadcast quality Spanish or English voice.
  • Ability to tailor voice to mood and message.
  • Average 3-5 recordings per week.

Volunteer Reporters- News Reporting & Updates
Write and produce local news drops to air several times a day. The production will include recording a voiceover and adding a music bed to the drop. Another task will be facilitating breaking news coverage when deemed necessary. This may include recording additional drops to air throughout the day, finding someone to do a report live on-air or doing a report yourself, and creating posts on our social media outlets. Close collaboration with LCR program directors.

  • 5 news drops a week, totaling 80 completed news drops at end of internship
  • 2-4 social media posts per week.
  • Intern may also be asked to produce longer content as deemed necessary (when big local stories and/or breaking news happens)

Volunteer Translator – Production
Assist LCR staff with translating broadcast copy and social media content into Spanish and other community languages.

  • Work remotely or at studio
  • Prepare radio script quality translations of broadcast copy
  • Translate and post social media posts from English

Lyric Studio Assistant – Production & Management
Provide scheduling and technical assistance with the pre-recording of radio programs and announcements.  Manage studio time and help with basic audio editing. Troubleshoot technical problems in the studio, and collaborate closely with LCR staff.

  • 6-8 hours per week spent at the Lyric Production Studio.
  • Assist DJs and volunteers with recording shows and other radio material
  • Perform basic audio editing when needed.
  • Transmit air-ready files to LCR program managers.


Community Outreach- Ambassador
Serve as an ambassador for Lexington Community Radio at public events.

  • Staff tables at community events including set up and break down
  • Talk to the public about LCR and our mission
  • Sign people up for our newsletter mailing list
  • Help people download LCR apps to their phones
  • Collect information from prospective volunteers


Multimedia Producer- Social Media & Website
Develop engaging multimedia content for social media & the web.  Source appropriate sharable content resources.

  • Daily social media posts expected, as well as 1-2 more thorough pieces for web and social media each week.
  • Posts should relate to local events, news, and organizations; public safety information; Lexington Community Radio shows and events; major or breaking regional and national news.
  • Monitoring comments/feedback and alerting LCR staff to emerging conversations/discussions which may require response.
  • Maintaining an active list of LCR consituents and partners, liking, following, and sharing to keep organic networking strong


Volunteer Sponsor Seekers
Collaborate with general manager and to solicit new station sponsors.

  • Outside Sales
  • Approach local businesses and present benefits of sponsorship with LCR
  • Make deals and complete contracts
  • 15% commission on all sponsorships upon payment received


Office Assistant
Assist LCR staff and manage office space.

  • Greet people as they enter studio, escort guests from the principal’s office to the studio
  • Answer phone and take & distribute messages
  • Track office supplies, equipment rental, and make sure storage spaces are efficient and organized
  • Assist general manager with administrative tasks including filing, organization, and scheduling.
  • Make sure office spaces and booths remain tidy and uncluttered
  • Create and manage a system for basic cleaning tasks: trash, vacuuming, wiping down surfaces.
  • Assist LCR staff with projects as needed
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