Unlike other public radio stations, Lexington Community Radio is independent. We are 100% people-powered. Our sole support comes from our listeners and the community we serve.

Lexington Community Radio belongs to you.

You Make It Happen

Members form a strong foundation for Lexington Community Radio. Member donations are the ones we count on to fund programs you love.

You Help It Grow

Members help thousands of others connect with the voices and the sounds of our community.

You Keep It Going

Your support is an investment. An investment in people and technology. An investment that delivers. Local music, news, opinion, sports, arts, and entertainment. To your home, your car, and your ears – wherever they happen to be – 365 days a year.

You Give It Value

Every time you pay a cell phone or cable bill, you pay for something you’ve decided has value to you. You value listening to Lexington Community Radio. How much is it worth to you? To have round-the-clock access to neighborhood news coverage? Local arts & culture? An inside scoop on the people and ideas transforming our community?

You Keep It Simple

Membership is the easiest way to support Lexington Community Radio. It saves you time and hassle. Your membership is always up-to-date and worry-free. You can upgrade or change it at any time.

Membership Levels

Receive monthly recognition on our website and on social media.
$10/mo Total: $120/yr

Receive monthly recognition on-air, on our website, and on social media.
$20/mo Total: $240/yr

Receive bi-weekly recognition on-air, on our website, and on social media.
$1/day Total: $365/yr

Receive weekly recognition on-air, on our website, and on social media.
$50/mo Total: $600/yr

Receive frequent recognition on-air, on our website, and on social media.
$100+/mo Total: $1200+


Underwriting is the sponsorship of programming on Lexington Community Radio. As an underwriting sponsor, you are aligning your brand with folks who are passionate about our community and who love local businesses. It’s a smart move.

Sponsoring Lexington Community Radio Helps You

Build brand loyalty and equity
Our listeners have high loyalty to the station and, by association, to the sponsors of our programs.

Communicate support for and connection with the local community
Community radio sponsorship offers a “halo effect”—audiences have a more positive attitude towards sponsors of public radio than advertisers on commercial networks.

Stand out from the competition
With less clutter during program breaks, your brand message stands out, making it more effective.

Demonstrate corporate goodwill
Our listeners expect companies to be socially responsible. Studies have shown that brand loyalty is affected by community-centered marketing.

Enhance credibility
Link your brand with Lexington Community Radio to show you are invested in your community, the people who create our programming and your friends and neighbors who listen.

Increase your company’s visibility with a highly desirable audience
Your message is heard by educated, influential and politically engaged members of our community.

Empowering Community Voices

Non-Profit Sponsors
501(c)(3) non-profit sponsors receive one bonus spot for each spot purchased.

Business Sponsors
Small businesses with 5 or fewer employees receive a 15% discount OR
Local businesses owned by women, people of color, or LGBT individuals receive a 15% discount.

Community Partners
Custom sponsorship packages are available for businesses and organizations whose mission and values align with those of Lexington Community Radio. In addition to spots and mentions, custom packages may include original content creation, in-depth interviews and profiles, along with other special programming.

Program Sponsors
Sponsors may specify programs or times of day they would like to be recognized for an additional $.50/spot.

Day Sponsor

Fund a day in the life of Lexington Community Radio.
Great for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and
special milestones. 16 on-air mentions. One Special Day.

LCR is now part of the Amazon Smile program.

When you designate LCR as your Amazon Smile recipient, Amazon will donate a portion of every order to our organization.

Click here to register your Amazon account and every purchase will help support Lexington Community Radio!

It’s easy: Sign in, click “Your Account” and select “Change My Charity.”

Did you know you can support Lexington Community Radio just by shopping at Kroger?

It’s easy when you enroll in Kroger Community Rewards®.

To get started, sign up with your Plus Card, and select Lexington Community Radio. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll earn rewards every time you shop and use your Plus Card.

Help us keep an eye on the future.

Lexington Community Radio has an endowment fund with the Blue Grass Community Foundation.

Endowment income provides Lexington Community Radio with long-term economic sustainability. It guarantees us the resources to produce our public-minded bilingual programming for generations to come.

Invest in the voice of our community with a tax-deductible donation to our endowment fund. Simply click here and choose Lexington Community Radio.

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